This week’s scripture is the fifth song in Psalm called the “Songs of Ascents” or “Songs of Degrees.” Yes – He will lift us from all our troubles when we lift Him. 

David is identified as the author of this psalm that looks to the deliverances God has provided in the past and expresses joyous praise for those times of deliverance. It also reveals confidence in God’s ability to help in times of trouble. The scripture tell us that Lord is capable of helping and His name represents His character and power. He created heaven and earth so nothing is more powerful than Him. 

     He will help us in times our trouble and rescue us from snares that trap and the jaws of death.  The scripture tells us that the Lord is on our side and He will help us to overcome our enemies.  Think back to the times God has brought you through this past year. Praise Him for your past experiences, both good and bad. Trust Him to bring you through again, and again, and again.

     Thank Him for all that His “name” implies (e.g., Elohim, Mighty and Strong; El Shaddia, Almighty; Jireh, Provider; Rapha, Healer; Shalom, Peace; Rohi, Shepherd; Shammah, Ever Present, etc.). With God, there is always a way out of our troubles, no problem is beyond His ability to solve and no circumstance is too difficult for Him to handle.  Our Creator will help us in our time of need because He is on our side. We must learn to trust Him.