A survey of church goers indicates that a majority of them believe that a pastor’s most important duty is to preach and teach. In Acts 4:4-6, the apostles told their followers that their most important priority was prayer, and teaching and preaching the word to their multitude of followers.  Pastors are known to show their love to God and their congregations by preaching and teaching God’s word. It is therefore utterly important that pastors hear from God so they can accurately deliver God’s message to people. In order to do this, pastors must spend many hours in prayer and studying the scriptures. When church-goers hear the bible and Christian living seriously taught, they will be warned about sin, be encouraged in the faith, learn how to live the Christian life  and discover the true character of God.

In I Timothy 5:17, the bible tell us that the elders who rule well and labour in the word and doctrine are worthy of double honour.  That is why churches honor pastors during the month October, even though we should make it a habit to honor our pastors throughout the year.  Pastoral duties also consists of administrative activities such as church discipline, counseling, evangelism, visiting homebound and sick members, prayer, sermon preparation, conducting weddings and funerals, etc.  In the biblical days, the apostles requested that their followers find among themselves several men of honest report who were full of the Holy Ghost and wisdom who they could appoint to oversee these other church activities.

The appointed people served as co-labourers who assisted the apostles in building the Kingdom of God. Today, the co-labourers in the church and leaders and workers who can also help pastors build God’s Kingdom. In VLBC, we have several people who are appointed to serve over certain aspects of church business operations, i.e., administration, finance, media, music, hospitality, evangelism, publication, ushering, maintenance, transportation, etc. It is unrealistic for one individual to thoroughly conduct day-to-day activities in each of these areas of church business.

God’s work involves many different individuals with a variety of gifts and abilities. There are no superstars in VLBC and each team member should perform their special roles to the best of their ability. Each church member can become a useful member of God’s team by setting aside selfish desires to receive glory for what God has gifted each of us to FOR HIS GLORY. We should not seek praise from people but should seek approval from God in all that we do. When we build our lives on the spiritual foundation of Christ, then we can learn to build up others to that same foundation of Christ, and not to ourselves.