Many believe that to survive in this world a person must be tough, strong, unbending and harsh.  When God said “Not by might, nor by power – but by My Sprit,” He was letting us know that anything of lasting value will only be accomplished through His spirit. Many Christians have become weak, harassed and torn down by their enemies, tired, discouraged and poor – not only in their pocketbooks but poor in their spirits.  As we live for God, Christians must learn to not trust in their own strengths and abilities.  We must depend and trust in God and learn to work in the power of His Spirit in all that we do. 

The lampstands in today’s scriptural reading symbolizes a Church that shines in splendor when it is filled with the Spirit of God. The Holy Spirit is illustrated as the oil that flows through the lampstand and it also represents the Church. The oil flows through appointed conduits into the bowl and through fixed channels outlined in the word of God (i.e., repentance, obedience, faith, etc.) connected by the main stem to the individual flames. It is through these fixed channels that the Spirit of God will flow to light up the church and its individual members. A lamp can only fulfill its function when it shines forth by the power of the fuel or oil that it has. The church fulfills her function not by man’s striving but by letting the Spirit shine through her to make her the light of the world!

With that being said – “not by might nor by power but by My Spirit” means the strength and power of the church that is found in God’s Holy Spirit that lives within each individual church member. In other words, the glory of a church is not acquired by human might and power but only by the Spirit of the Lord. God’s work must be by God’s Spirit. It is by the supernatural enabling of God alone that men can accomplish the work of the Lord. God’s Spirit is the only necessary resource on which we must depend (2 Cor. 10:3-5). Only work done through the power of the Spirit will glorify God and endure the fires of His judgment (1 Cor. 3:12-15). The secret to shining forth the light of God – ALL POWER AND SUFFICIENCY ARE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.

God’s work is not done by our resources, intellect, wealth, enthusiasm, resoluteness of effort or by cleverness. Though some may be necessary, none of them, not all of them together, nor any human endeavor absent God, can do God’s eternal work. God’s method of victory is through His spirit. What we do for God now on earth may seem small and insignificant but God rejoices in what is right. Be faithful in the small opportunities that come along, do what you can and leave the rest to God.  In doing God’s work, we should always look to Him for His strength, guidance and divine help. He designed born again people to be empowered for His glory and service.